Retailer Program Now Launched

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We’re excited to offer a uniquely holistic Online Virtual Shopping experience.

The 360 Mall has developed a solution to launch the online retail world on a new trajectory that is sure to excite both retailers and consumers alike. No retailer needs another status-quo online shopping platform. Our platform merges the best elements of physical and online shopping into an unprecedented holistic virtual shopping platform.

Online shopping undeniably lacks the comforting ambience and engagement of the in-store experience. Brick-and-mortar retailers dedicate an abundance of time and resources to design the supreme in-store shopping experience for consumers. Yet online, it seems the importance of customer engagement has been neglected. Online shoppers encounter countless flat one-dimensional webpages directed by dull search engines, where retailers’ objective is clearly limited to “click and move on.”

Our pioneering platform surpasses this limited strategy, transforming transactional e-commerce. We have brought the in-store experience online. Through The 360 Mall, shoppers can wander through a retailer’s Virtual Store, a 3D interactive replica of their brick-and-mortar store, using their keyboard and mouse or finger-touch on mobile. Shoppers can pick up 3D products and interact with them, customise their own look, check sizing on a Virtual Mannequin, and soon shop with their friends in the Virtual Store.

The 360 Mall is optimised for cross-compatibility, functioning in-browser on both desktop and mobile devices, and requires no app download.


We’ve tested it – it works! (50,000+ shoppers flocked to our BETA site).

Australian entrepreneur Alex Danieli founded The 360 Mall in 2011. Alex devoted a year to research and development on his vision and quickly realised the potential of Online Virtual Shopping. Alex then formed a team, built a minimally viable product, and sought to assess the interest from both retailers and consumers through a BETA site. The BETA site successfully confirmed high interest in the concept, with 100+ retailers on-board and 50,000 shoppers visiting the site. Our popular BETA attracted extensive national media attention, including Channel 9’s “A Current Affair”, “Channel 7 News”, the “BRW”, “Today Tonight”, and many other publications and broadcasts.

This excellent market participation and media exposure positioned the team to be accepted into the Slingshot Accelerator Program, a high-tech accelerator program with a slim 4% acceptance rate. The program was established by Artesian Capital through the Slingshot Venture Fund. Through intense training, our team learned the essential foundations of building a successful tech company. Notably, we were given the opportunity to collaborate with program alumni and partners while gaining access to mentors, further funding, and potential deals.

The 360 Mall Virtual Mall

Our original Virtual Mall.

The 360 Mall BETA Virtual Stores

A selection of stores from our BETA site.

Alex Danieli and Jon Valentino presenting at Slingshot Accelerator demo day

Our pitch at Slingshot Accelerator Demo Day.

A summary of our initial media coverage.