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Channel 7 News

A Sydney schoolboy is about to take online shopping to a whole new level, with a virtual mall that brings brands together.

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BRW - From schoolyard to start-up

A 16-year-old Sydney schoolboy has created a virtual shopping experience to bridge the gap between the bricks and mortar retail experience and online shopping.

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Australia's newest shopping centre boasting 200 stores will open its doors in less than a month -- with a 16-year old CEO at the helm.

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A Current Affair

He's the 15 year old whiz kid with grand plans to turn Australia's retail industry on its head, and big companies lining up to take part. He has created a virtual shopping centre - and it's set to change the way we buy online.

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BRW - Spotting the next Mark Zuckerberg

16-year-old Australian boy Alex Danieli started his own online virtual shopping centre after noticing a gap between bricks and mortar retail and online shopping.

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Mall rats can stay home! A teenager from Sydney's northern beaches has created a new 3D online shopping mall that is the first for Australia.

Manly Daily

AT just 15 years of age, Alex Danieli has developed an innovative 3D shopping mall that he hopes will revolutionise online shopping.

Today Tonight

Australia's first virtual shopping centre is launching in October. The '360 degree Mall' is a 3D shopping experience promising interaction and entertainment - without leaving the house.

The Herald

THE 360 Mall is an online virtual shopping centre, but is unlike any that shoppers may already have seen. Alex Danieli and Jon Valentino wanted to close the gap between bricks and mortar stores and online stores by merging the best of both.

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